SPEZVUZAVTOMATIKA designs and implements guaranteed power supply systems to ensure power supply of computer and telecommunication equipment in case of power failure of the main power supply network. The guaranteed power supply system must provide:

  • automatic start of the diesel electric generator at change of parameters of the main power supply network from the set requirements or at its shutdown
  • automatic switching of power from the main power supply network to the diesel generator and back.

The data center is a specialized room for server and communication equipment and connection to external communication channels. A typical data center consists of an information infrastructure that includes server equipment for processing and storing information, a telecommunications infrastructure that interconnects data center elements, and data transmission between the data center and users. Such a structure, first of all, requires a continuous balanced power supply, which will ensure autonomous operation of the data center in case of disconnection of central power sources, as well as improve the quality of power supply and fire alarm, remote IP control and access control. The basis for the creation of fault-tolerant data center power supply systems are powerful modular scalable UPS with double conversion and redundancy. According to statistics, the introduction of such systems allows due to the high quality of power to reduce the number of server failures by about 30% and 50% of component failures.  
Increasing the reliability of large data centers is achieved by the joint use of modular UPS and the installation of diesel generators (DGU). UPS, which has the resources for 1-2 hours of battery life, will not replace the UPS system in combination with the DGU. The cost of a solution with UPS and DGU is always lower than a UPS with a large number of batteries, while the reliability of the data center is significantly increased.  
Guaranteed power supply systems are becoming more complex and diverse, but there can be no single approach, solutions must be created in accordance with the requirements and objectives of a particular customer.  

Typical solutions for building guaranteed power supply systems:

  • for a stand-alone server
  • for the server room
  • for data center