Converged solutions are optimized and unified hardware and software and hardware technological systems that are specially configured to improve the efficiency of performing enterprise tasks. They contain combined together servers, storage systems, network management systems and services. This complex allows you to solve a large number of tasks: cloud environments, virtualization and processing large amounts of data. The converged infrastructure gains more flexibility in using the available technical resources and becomes less vulnerable to forced or accidental changes.

The advantages of convergent solutions:

  • integration with virtual environment management tools;

  • the use of standardized components;

  • control is carried out from a single console;

  • full readiness for implementation upon receipt.

SPEZVUZAVTOMATIKA offers convergent solutions of various configurations that allow the best use of the available resources of the enterprise at the lowest cost. When creating a converged infrastructure, we use solutions from world famous companies Dell Technologies, HPE, Lenovo, Cisco, etc.

Please contact us and we will find the best solution for your infrastructure!