The rapid development of technologies, a high level of informatization and automation of business processes make information networks a critical infrastructure on which the successful activity of any modern organization directly depends. Information is becoming one of the most important resources, but this resource, by its nature, is very easily lost or falls into the “wrong hands”.Therefore, the issues of protecting information and information networks are quite relevant today for all enterprises, regardless of size and scope of activity.

SPEZVUZAUTOMATIKA has long-term partnerships with leading manufacturers of information and network security products, as well as many years of experience in the selection, configuration and implementation of various solutions.


Our company offers:


Hardware security solutions are technical means (most often in the form of a separate device - a firewall) of such well-known world brands as Cisco, HPE Aruba, Fortinet, Huawei, Juniper and others.The widespread use of solutions of this group is explained by the fact that they protect information networks at many levels simultaneously: at the package level at the file level, at the request level, at the level of access rights.They create a secure information network not only within an enterprise or organization, but also between geographically remote isolated divisions or branches.Next generation firewalls (NGFW) have the ability to monitor and audit the network, set up rules for responding to information security incidents, control access to important data, integrate with cloud services, and much more.In addition, many devices in this group allow you to flexibly enable additional functions (such as email protection, antivirus, antispam, web filter) without replacing the device - by adding or renewing the corresponding subscriptions.


Security software solutions are specialized software from Eset, Symantec, GFI Software, Panda Security, Sophos, McAfee and other well-known manufacturers.This large and diverse group includes products for protection against viruses, malware and unwanted software, network threats, for organizing secure remote work, controlling and restricting access to the network, monitoring and analyzing information security events, integrated management of information security services, and much more.Software solutions are used both to protect endpoints (personal computers and mobile devices) and to protect servers, e-mail, information networks and cloud services.


Complex solutions - a combination of hardware devices and software products that are complementary to each other functionality.


Information leakage prevention systems is a group that will be most interesting for those enterprises and organizations where it is important to keep commercial, legal, medical or other secrets, but where it is very difficult to do it through a large number of employees.They monitor and block unwanted movements of confidential information both inside and outside the organization, display it in file storages, web servers, databases, mail exchange and document management systems, and control mobile applications and cloud services.Thanks to them, information can be protected from leakage on computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones that are even outside the corporate network.


Antivirus protection is probably the most well-known branch of information security.And this is not surprising, because the first computer viruses appeared almost 40 years ago, and very quickly turned into a real epidemic.Since then, anti-virus products have become constant companions and protectors of computer systems, a prerequisite for their normal functioning.Traditionally, the "virus" refers to other types of malicious software, which is a lot.Constantly there are new species and entire families and classes; among them there are scam programs, ransomware, ransomware, spies, terrorists, advertising agents and other pests.Modern malware is characterized by rapid spread and significant volatility (including on its own), which is why the requirements for antivirus software are also growing.Today, anti-virus products can not only compare files with received signatures, but also deeply analyze their potential danger, make test runs of suspicious objects in a safe environment, check mail, monitor suspicious network activity, control the integrity of critical system processes, block unwanted processes and events that can be harmful even when their initiator has already been deleted, managed centrally from a remote console, and much more.


SPEZVUZAUTOMATIKA provides the selection and implementation of information security solutions, taking into account the wishes of the customer, the scale of the network, its topology, the number of users, critical tasks and, of course, the budget.Also, our company can offer audit and configuration of existing information security systems, segmentation and virtualization of the information network, setting access levels and the like.


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