Wireless Solutions is one component of enterprise IT-infrastructure, without which it is now impossible to imagine any modern office. Wireless communication allows you to connect to the corporate network without using a classic cable connection and almost anywhere where it is necessary to solve the problems facing the employees of the enterprise. Organize coverage Wi-Fi is faster and cheaper than the often build a wired network. Even a small company or start-up can afford to purchase the appropriate equipment for organizing a wireless LAN or expanding the capabilities of a conventional LAN.

SPEZVUZAVTOMATIKA offers wireless solutions from leading equipment manufacturers such as Cisco, Aruba, HPE, Ruckus, Linksys, ZyXEL, Asus, D-link, TP-Link and etc.

The order is fulfilled in several stages:

  • Project development by experienced specialists.

  • Selection of equipment suitable to meet all customer needs.

  • Installation of equipment and its adjustment on site.

  • Testing Wireless Network Operation.

  • Test configuration of mobile devices for network operation.

When performing work, we pay a lot of attention to the security of the wireless network and confidential data. The customer will receive the best option to ensure reliable and secure transfer of information without compromising the efficiency of the corporate network.

You can learn more detailed information on the design and installation of wireless networks from the specialists of SPEZVUZAVTOMATIKA by contacting the contacts convenient for you on our website.